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Chatbot Website AI

The interactive widget with­ AI Assistant, Videos and CTA-Buttons ­ for your website

Get more leads and appointments with our widgets & your­ AI Assistant trained on your data

Rechatbox revolutionizes communication on your website. Utilize our widgets to customize interactions according to your preferences with personal videos, call-to-action buttons, and our AI chatbot assistants.

Generate new AI team members by importing data from your website and other sources, tailored to your needs. Your AI chatbot assistant provides precise, AI-generated responses to questions and customer inquiries 24/7.

Rechatbox assists businesses in marketing, sales, and customer service to generate leads and save time.

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Customize your Videobox Widget

Demo Video

Meet your new
Team Member

Let your AI Assistant do the work for you. Customize your AI assistant to engage your audience with your brand’s values. Make it interactive with our Videobox.

Best AI Chatbot for WordPress Websites

Demo Video

Complete Demo Tour​

View the detailed demonstration to discover Rechatbox’s features. Create and deploy chatbots with conversational capabilities in a distinctive design, all without the need for coding.

  • 100%

Reduce Manual Workloads

Allow AI to handle routine questions and replace your human customer support.

  • 70%

Reduce Costs Effectively

No need for costly, part-time human staff. Our AI Assistant operates 24/7 without complaints.

Choose your Style

Choose between the Videobox, packed with extensive features, or the classic Chatbox Bubble, or combine both on your website with limitless customization options.

Videobox with customizable Call-To-Actions & AI Chat

Collect Emails

Link Calendars

Create Funnels

Connect Chats

Videobox Widget

Use Rechatbox’s Videobox with customizable call-to-action features to create interactions that make your audience take action. You can do things like opening specific web links, gathering important information, getting email addresses, and connecting with other Videobox videos to create funnels, which helps increase engagement, boost conversions, and get great results.

Integrate Calendar

By integrating a calendar directly into our videobox widget, customers can conveniently book or schedule meetings, leading to a significant 3x boost in reservations.

Record Testimonials

Make it easy for your customers to capture video testimonials or feedback by simply pressing a button within the videobox widget.

Capture Emails

Capture valuable customer data like name, email addresses directly from your website with Rechatbox’s integrated input fields. 

Classic Chatbox Bubble

Chatbox Widget

Connect with your customers using Rechatbox’s sleek and minimal AI Chatwidget design.

Train your AI Assistant

Upload and Import your data to your Knowledge Hub from your Website, Urls, Knowledge Base, PDF files, Google Docs, and YouTube videos.


Knowledge Base



Google Docs

Youtube Videos

Our AI Agents do the manual work , so you don't have to

Instead of hiring an employee, you can now work with an AI assistant. This offers significant advantages. You train the AI Agent with your data, and he works for you at the best hours, which are 24/7.

Rechatbox - Ai Chatbot Website


  • 100%

Save Valuable Time

Save time by letting AI handle routine inquiries, so your team can focus on more important matters.


  • 10x

Generate More Leads

Choose to gather information; request email, name, phone number, or custom details before the chat begins.


  • 24/7

Always Accessible

Delight your customers, combining bots and human agents for fast, friendly response times available 24/7.

Get your AI Assistant set up with simple steps

Your new AI Team Member ready in minutes

Empower your AI Chatbot to gain custom insights about your company via our user-friendly Knowledge Hub. Just share the vital info, and witness your chatbot absorb and adapt to improve customer service. Utilize AI’s capabilities to grasp and manage your business intricacies effortlessly. Rechatbox makes chatbot training a breeze!


Provide your AI Assistant with a persona, a unique prompt, and specify its desired behavior.

Step 1


Upload and Import your data to your Knowledge Hub and connect it to your chatbot.

Step 2


Knowledge Base



Google Docs

Youtube Videos


Copy/Paste the embed code to any website,  use the direct link url or QR Code and you AI Assitant is ready.

Embed Code

Direct Link

QR Code


Integrate with Highlevel

Easily send new leads to Highlevel.

Elevate your chatbot’s capabilities effortlessly by integrating Highlevel into our Chatbox and Videobox Widget. This powerful connection enhances your customer interactions and adds incredible features, all with remarkable simplicity. Boost your customer engagement with Rechatbox & GoHighlevel today!

Transfer Users to Highlevel Chat Widget

Integrate the Highlevel Chat or Live Chat widget and let your AI Assistant automatically redirect inquiries to the live chat widget whenever users mention custom keywords like “human” or “human agent.”

Custom Link in

Add our Rechatbox as a custom link embedded in an iframe, for direct editing and personalization within Highlevel.

Integrate Booking Calendar

Appointment Scheduling with Rechatbox’s Integrated Calendar Booking. Allow your customers to effortlessly schedule meetings and appointments directly through the widget.

Capture & Transfer Contacts

Allow users to register via email, inputting custom details like name phone & more. Sync this data and contact info via Pabbly, Zapier, or Make with Webhooks to your Highlevel Account for use in contacts, pipelines, and automation workflows.

Create Video Funnels

Create an interactive funnel & connect several pre-recorded videos in Rechatbox. Make it easier for customers to go through their journeys by utilizing Rechatbox’s straightforward video funneling tools.

Train with
Knowledge Base

Train your AI Assistant with your Knowledge Base and give your clients access to ask questions. 

  • Coming soon

Embed Forms & Funnels

Easily give access your Forms, Surveys, Funnels, or Websites via CTA Buttons, either opening them inside the widget or in a new browser window


Become a partner agency and make Rechatbox available to your client base

Resell Rechatbox to your Agency Clients

  • Sell Rechatbox to your clients
  • Charge whatever you like
  • Your clients get access to their own Unlimited Plan Account

We are offering a special Agency Plan for agencies, entrepreneurs, or GoHighlevel users who want to offer Rechatbox to their clients. You can directly integrate Rechatbox into your subaccounts or any other software via Full-Page Iframe so your clients can log in inside your software. Apply for our agency plan program and check out the details below.

Perfect for:

  • Highlevel Agencies
  • SaaS Owners
  • Coaches & Influencer Managements
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Sales Specialists
  • Digital Agencies

AI Chatbot Customer Service Features

Features that you and your customers will love

Create AI Assistant’s that imitate human agents and instruct them with your knowledge and goals for clients, customers, visitors, and employees.

Custom Design

Customize your chatbot. Upload your own logo and profile photo of your AI Assistant.


We are GDPR compliant, store data in the Netherlands/Germany and ensure user consent for chat interactions.

Train your AI

Import any data source for your chatbot, from your website, PDF files, texts, and YouTube videos.

95+ Languages

Your AI Assistant can reply in different languages to ensure that every customer receives a response.


Integrate the widgets on your website as a customizable chatbox/videobox, direct link or QR Code.

Link your URL
Human Takeover

Move conversations to human support via link to your custom 3rd party chat solution.

Wait ,there is more


Customize the bot's name and personality for better interactions and brand consistency.

Contact Form

Sent customers to your contact form or give them your email address to contact you.


Use webhooks to trigger tailored actions by specific events & transfer data to your CRM's.

User Targeting

Segment users by country, scroll depth, and time for personalized interactions.

Behavior Settings

Refine behavior with settings: start muted, loop videos, and adjust player position.

Workspace Collaboration

Elevate teamwork, boost productivity for engaging customer experiences together.

No Coding Skills needed

Create Chatbots without Coding: User-Friendly Solution, no technical backgrounds.

Link Sharing

Easily share the widget boxes via links for wider reach.

QR Code

Share you widget boxes using a unique QR code.

Performance Reports

Access comprehensive reports for data-driven decision-making and valuable insights.

20+ Integrations

Integrations to Newsletter Tools, Notion, Google Docs & Calendars.

Attention Grabber

A pop-up featuring a captivating animation to warmly greet visitors and play sounds.

With Webhooks


Trigger custom actions based on specific events and use them with Zapier.

With Webhooks


Trigger custom actions based on specific events and use them with Zapier.

With Webhooks


Trigger custom actions based on specific events and use them with Zapier.

Use your own Open API Key to connect your Assistant to AI

Connect your chatbots with AI

A chatbot is software that simulates human-like conversations with users via chat. Its main function is to provide quick answers to user questions via instant messages, utilizing ChatGPT models and similar tools:

  • ChatGPT - OpenAi API key
  • OpenRouter API key
  • Azure API key

Get your AI Assistant now

We offer custom solutions with our time-saving automation software tailored to your business and needs.

Rechatbox works perfectly with Refocusly, our all-in-one software solution designed to simplify your business operations and save you time. With Refocusly, you can automate your marketing, customer management, and employee processes using cutting-edge automation and AI technologies. Our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder, so you can refocus on what you truly love.

Automatic Google Reviews

Auto-Request and respond to reviews so you rank higher on Google.

Newsletter Campaigns

Send Email/SMS Newsletter Campaigns to your customers, clients or employees. 

Pipeline View

Track contacts, monitor actions, clicks, emails, and pipeline progress. 

Automation Workflows

Use actions & triggers to automate your business.

Birthday Reminders

Automatically send personal wishes to all of your customers & employees.

Christmas Reminders

Automatically send personal wishes to all of your customers & employees.